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Omni Design Group, Inc. is a full service design firm that provides Architectural and Civil Engineering services to clients across an expansive range of markets and localities. Our multi disciplinary services; Architecture, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Telecommunications; join forces, knowledge and experience to give you a single point of contact and a strong business relationship you can count on. Our office headquarters are in San Luis Obispo, California where we have been doing business for over 25 years.

Previously known as Mid-State Engineers, Omni Design Group was established in 1982. Originally providing Planning, Civil Engineering and Land Surveying services, we expanded to include Architecture in 1998. Since then, Omni Design Group has grown more than 300%, from 12 to approximately 35 employees. Our clients immediately benefited from the all inclusive range of developmental services.

Our licensed staff of Architects, LEED Accredited Professionals, Engineers, and Surveyors provides the expertise, professionalism and innovative approaches fundamental to the execution of successful design solutions. Omni Design Group is committed to clients from pre-design through completion ensuring dedication, continuity and satisfaction.

The open work environment in our office allows the opportunity for design collaboration and constructive problem solving. We are a dynamic team of individuals with the experience and talent to provide our clients with creative, sensible and responsive design that is original and client-appropriate.

Omni Design Group holds a standard of consistently delivering high-quality, client-oriented design, shaped by sound environmental solutions; places that are beneficial to the user as well as the environment.

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